You know it’s love when…

…You come home from hours of standing to stand in the kitchen to make yummy goodies.

A bag of almonds in the pantry had been staring me in the face so I put them in a bowl with some water during the day to soak. I came home to plump, bright almonds ready for almond milk!



Combine 1 cup of soaked almonds with 3.5 cups of water into the blender.

After the milk is -almost- completely blended, run the milk through a nut bag into a large bowl and squeeze out excess milk.


QUICK TIP: Cut the leg of an old pair of panty hose off to use as your nut bag. I couldn’t find one at my local grocery store and this works (probably) even better. No rips or holes and I made three batches with the same “leg” 😉



After you have squeezed out the extra milk, pour it back into the blender to add in the sweet stuff.


  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/4 tsp cinnamon
  • Somewhere around a tablespoon of maple syrup. I made three jars of it tonight and I wanted one to be a sweeter, treat-like milk. Add less for a standard taste, more for a treat!
  • I didn’t have dates but those are a good option for a sweetener. Add 2 in the blender while blending in other ingredient

This is a recipe that is so open to possibilities. If you’d rather have a sweeter milk, add in more of your preferred ingredient or something other than what I have listed. I don’t want my milk too sweet because I usually combine it with a somewhat sweet cereal or granola and I want to balance the tastes without going overboard on my sugar intake. This is a great base recipe that can be tweaked for individual tastes!


Let the milk chill in the fridge, if you can leave it for that long, and you will have ice cold, rich, delicious milk free of preservatives and additives!


As for the almond remains: I will most likely add mine to my oatmeal in the morning or with cereal since they are dry. You can freeze them as well!