A title…

The title is the hardest part.. and since I’ve already done a lot of work with just creating this blog, I don’t have a title.

Forgive me.

This is my introduction to everythingwithemily! I’m Emily. I go to Liberty University and I am studying nursing, however, my blog will consist of much more than just how to insert a catheter or draw blood. In fact, it probably won’t include those “yucky” things at all (I’m looking out for those of you with weak stomachs)! This blog will consist of my (almost) daily recipes on a young adult budget. I am creating this blog because I could not find one that focused on a somewhat tight budget and still provided healthy recipes and other tips concerning studying and apartment decor. Everythingwithemily will provide young adults, college students, and everyone else, with a place to find recipes that can also provide leftovers and a lifestyle that will make you oh so happy.

I have found that my mood directly corresponds with what I am putting in my belly and what I am focusing on. Although I am a college student, and I may not be able to provide recipes and tips on a daily basis, I know I can provide you with recipes that can be easily modified and used multiple times!

Read on, readers. First real post coming soon.